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The Art of Baking - a dry heat method of cooking

Definition of Baking
Der coolste Klinglton auf Deinem handy! Baking is defined as cooking food in an oven using dry heat. That’s all well and good, but since baking is one of the primary ways in which we cook food, let’s take a minute to look at baking, in depth. When we think of the term “baking” we are generally talking about cakes, breads, and pastries. We will discuss oven roasting of meat and vegetables in the Roasting section.
History of Baking
Baking was originally accomplished in the coals of a fire, or on a hearth. The Italian peasant bread, focaccia, comes from the Italian word for hearth. Notice that it is the same root as the word “focus.” The hearth was, literally and figuratively, the center, or focus, of the home.
From the earliest, unleavened breads from the Middle East and the Americas to risen breads to elaborate cakes and pastries, history leaves us record of baking in many ancient civilizations, including Babylon, Egypt, Rome and Greece.
Types of Ovens
Several free-standing brick ovens have been uncovered in the ruins of Pompeii. Other ovens of the ancient world include clay and even mud ovens, and later, in the 1600’s, cast metal ovens, such as the Dutch oven. Although brick and clay ovens are still in wide use all over the world as well as in America, most home bakers will have access to a conventional oven, a convection oven and/or a microwave oven.
Conventional ovens consist of a metal box with several racks and upper and lower thermostatically controlled heating elements of some sort (gas or electric). Preheating a conventional oven first heats the air in the oven and then the metal box itself.
Cooking is primarily done through means of radiant heat. Heat is transferred from the walls of the oven to the food through the air in the oven. Some conduction occurs, as well. Conduction is the transfer of heat through direct contact.
For example, cakes are baked with radiant heat from the oven itself, and heat is also conducted from the cake pan (which of course has heated up) directly to the batter. This is why baked goods are generally darker at the edges where they meet the pan: the food is being cooked through two heat transfer processes at once.
Convection ovens are similar to conventional ovens, but they also have a fan inside that creates an air current inside the oven. Regular convection ovens have a fan that blows air, but true convection ovens also have a third heating element, located right behind the fan, so the fan blows heated air.
In general, convection ovens speed the cooking process, harnessing radiant heat energy, conductive heat energy as well as convective heat energy. If you have a convection oven, your baking times will be shorter, and you will most likely have to set the thermostat anywhere from 25 to 50 degrees lower than your recipes call for, unless they were developed using a convection oven.
Microwave ovens send energy into food in the form of waves that excite “lopsided” molecules, namely: water. Microwave ovens can heat quickly, but since water boils at 212 degrees, food will never get hot enough to brown. For that reason, most home cooks eschew the microwave for cooking, but they are very useful and efficient when it comes to reheating foods.
Baking V. Roasting
The age old question of which came first, baking or roasting. No I have that confused with something else. Seriously, I get asked what's the difference between baking and roasting all the time. People want to know why we bake bread but roast chicken since they are both essentially the same dry heat cooking method. You have baked clams but roasted bruschetta. To make matters even more confusing, there are baked potatoes and oven roasted potatoes.
To help clear this up, I wrote a blog called Baked or Roasted - You Decide that might help or may even confuse you more.
Mixing methodsMixing Methods:
Since we have pretty well established that baking starts with dough or a batter, let us take a moment to examine the different methods we have for making a batter or dough. We’ll discuss methods for making bread dough elsewhere. Many of these methods outline the manner in which fats are incorporated into the batter or dough.

In the creaming method, fats are mixed with sugar to form a mixture that is either smooth and creamy (cookie dough) or light and fluffy (cakes). Then, eggs are added one at a time, followed by adding dry ingredients (flours + salt + spices + chemical leaveners) alternately with wet ingredients (milk/water + liquid flavorings). The resultant batter can be very thick, as in cookie dough, or “spoonable,” like cake batter. Rarely does the creaming method produce a batter that is truly pourable.
So why combine ingredients this way? The initial creaming of the fat with the sugar creates lots of little air bubbles (fewer for cookies, many more for cakes). The sharp edges of the sugar actually cut into the butter and create a bunch of little air pockets. Upon heating, the air in the pockets expands, helping the dough/batter to rise.
Beating the eggs in early allows even more air to be whipped in (think of meringue) in the initial mixing stages. In the creaming method, it is very important that you do not skimp on the creaming of the fats/sugar/eggs. The more air pockets you have to begin with, the more rise you will get, regardless of how much baking powder or baking soda you add to the batter.
When adding the flour and liquid, it is important to mix as little as possible while still getting the ingredients well combined. The less you mix, the less gluten is developed, resulting in a more tender final product. Adding flour before adding the liquid helps to coat the flour with fat, further inhibiting gluten production. If you add liquid first, and then add flour, you will end up with a chewier final product since more gluten will be activated.
The muffin method is the method by which we make muffins, scones, pancake and waffle batter and other quick breads. It’s a pretty easy method, but like many easy things, it must be done correctly to be successful. In the muffin method, all dry ingredients are combined (flour + salt + sugar + chemical leaveners + spices).
All wet ingredients are combined (milk/water + liquid fats + eggs + liquid flavorings).
Then, the wet ingredients are poured onto the dry ingredients and gently mixed. Lumps are okay in this method—they will settle out on their own. Since you’re not taking the extra step of coating the flour with fat, it is extra important that you mix gently so you don’t activate the gluten.
When incorporating the wet with the dry, don’t think “mix,” think “fold.” You want to gently fold the ingredients together to make a batter. This folding shouldn’t take any longer than about ten to fifteen seconds. Then, even if it’s lumpy, as Alton Brown says, “Just walk away.”
In reality, you want to get your batter into tins and into the oven (or on the griddle) relatively quickly so the chemical leavening can do its job.
The biscuit method is the method used to make biscuits, scones and many pie doughs. In the mixing method, dry ingredients are combined (flour + sugar + salt + chemical leaveners + dry flavorings).
Then, chunks of cold, solid fat (butter, lard, shortening or a mixture) is cut into the dry ingredients) with either forks or another mechanical helper or by hand), until the fat is about the size of peas. This method allows some of the flour to be coated with fat, adding to tenderness while leaving enough fat in large pieces to melt during the baking process and create steam. This adds texture and leavening to the final product.
Once the cold fat is cut in, cold liquids are added (ice water/milk/buttermilk/cream). It is important to keep the fats very cold in this method. If the fats begin to soften before you are finished, put your bowl in the freezer for a few minutes so they firm up. Once the liquid is incorporated, mix minimally, shape and bake.
The two stage mixing method was originally applied to high ratio cakes. The term high ratio refers to a high ratio of water to flour held together by the emulsifiers in the “new fangled” solid shortenings. Since the emulsifiers could hold more water, the batter could also hold more sugar, since sugar dissolves in water. This helped to increase shelf life and moistness in cakes.
Since we have become more health conscious about the effect of trans fats, solid shortenings have fallen out of favor somewhat. The two-stage mixing method, however, is an effective method for creating a meltingly tender, fine crumbed cake.
In the two-stage method, you mix all dry ingredients in the mixing bowl (flour + sugar + salt + chemical leaveners + dry spices). Then, mix the eggs with about ¼ of the liquid ingredients (milk/water + wet flavorings).
Make sure that all dry ingredients are well mixed in the bowl, and then add butter at cool room temperature plus the egg mixture. Mix on low to moisten all the ingredients, and then beat on medium for a couple of minutes to develop the structure of the batter. The batter will get light and fluffy.
Next, add the rest of the milk in three additions, scraping the bowl and mixing for a few seconds between additions. Batter made using this method is generally a bit thinner that batter made with the creaming method. Since dry + wet + eggs are mixed in at the same time, you will not get the same amount of air bubbles that you will with the creaming method. Your final product will have a tighter, more velvety crumb and have a very melting mouth feel.
Egg Foam
The egg foam method is the method we use for making genoise, angel food cake, and meringue-type cookies. In this mixing method, most (if not all) of the leavening comes from an extended beating of either egg whites or whole eggs with sugar. Then, the dry ingredients are gently folded in.
Batter made with the egg foam method of mixing are generally very thick and light. It is best to bake them immediately and let them cool in the pan upside down, as the structure of these cakes is very delicate until cool.
There are also some “hybrid” mixing methods where eggs are separated, the yolks are added according to the creaming method or the muffin method, then the whites are beaten to medium peaks and folded in before baking. This creates a batter with extra lift—from chemical leaveners, air bubbles created during creaming and air bubbles in the egg foam—and a drier end product.
Now that you know the major mixing methods, the world is your oyster. You can take almost any cake recipe that calls for the creaming method and apply the two-stage method. Note the results, and then use the method that you like best.
Read a recipe, name the general mixing method, based on the instructions, and then adapt it how you see fit. Not all mixing methods are interchangeable, but you can usually use choose between creaming or two-stage, creaming or muffin or even adapting a recipe with whole eggs to the hybrid method described above.

General Cooking Tips

Prepare what you need before you start. It’s how the pros do it and it simplifies the process when you are scrambling to put it all together.
Top Ringtones for your Mobile! cooking tipsWhen using a broiler to cook steaks, pre-heat oven until it's really hot. This will sear the outside of the meat and keep the juices in. And don’t use a fork to turn the steaks, use thongs or a spatula to prevent juices from leaking out.
Buy yourself a potato ricer for mashed potatoes. It a great gadget to have in your kitchen, it looks like a giant garlic press, costs about six bucks, but there’s nothing better for smooth airy mashed potatoes.
A folding steamer platform that sits in almost any pot works great for your steamed veggies. Important, be careful not to overcook the broccoli, you want it to be crisp but tender.
Invest in a salad spinner. They’re inexpensive and work great. There’s nothing more unappealing than soggy lettuce. And speaking of lettuce, you may have grown up on iceberg, but try some red or green leaf lettuce for a little diversity.
Never cook with any wine you wouldn't drink! You can substitute 1 tablespoon of fresh rosemary leaves with 1 teaspoon. of dried, but fresh is better. Try using a spray olive oil to coat your roasting pan.
Any brine-cured black olives can be substituted for Kalmata and remember to tell your guests there are pits so they don't break a tooth.
To roast garlic, sprinkle the bulb with a little olive oil and white wine, salt and pepper, wrap it in tin foil and roast in a 350 degree oven for approximately one hour.
Try using a hand blender to puree the's easier than transferring to food processor.
Mushrooms should be wiped off with a damp cloth and not washed under the faucet since they are like sponges and will absorb the water.
Make sure your roasting pan is the correct size and is placed on the middle rack.
When roasting, save the pan juices for your gravy.
Leeks are full of hard to get at sand and dirt, chop them first, then give them a bath in cold water and drain in a colander.
Try using carrots instead of sugar to sweeten your sauces.
Cracked pepper corns: I opt for putting the peppercorns in a zip lock bag and cracking them on my cutting board with a hammer. Noisy, but it worked. Otherwise, set your pepper mill to course grain instead.
When buying cabbage, look for heads that appear heavier than their size with crisp leaves.

Be sure your grill is hot enough before starting.
Grill meat and veggies about 4 inches from heat source and chicken about 6-8 inches away.
To add more flavor, try adding pre soaked chunks of natural hardwoods like Hickory.
Make sure grill is clean before cooking.
To prevent sticking, brush or spray a light coating of oil on grid.
If your grill has a top, close it to allow smoke to add it's flavor.
To keep poultry from drying out, grill with bone in and baste continuously.
Poultry dark meat takes longer than white meat so start it sooner.
Sear chicken on the skin side first.
Use a potato with a high starch content makes for a puffier baked potato. Good starchy potatoes are: russet and Idaho.
Look for potatoes that have a smooth skin and no sprouts. Stay away from those with wrinkly skin or soft spots.
Store your potatoes in a cool dark spot away from your onions.
And don't store them for months on end. A couple of weeks is what you should plan for

Light Of The Day

As most of you know most jobs today come with a lot of stress. I work for an Insurance company and we are going through a lot of changes right now and it is causing a lot of stress for all of the people in my department as well as the agents.
Which Line is Longer?
A few weeks ago I was having a very bad day and was about ready to start looking elsewhere for a job that was not as stressful. Something happened that day to change my way of thinking and I am so appreciative of this young lady. Things have been stressful for me personally as well as at work. I want to let her know
that the small act of kindness touch my heart.
In my cubicle I have a small collection of lighthouses and everyone on my team knows that I collect them. I have them sitting on top of the cubicle to let people know where I am sitting in case they have to find me for any number of reasons.
I came in to the office and was standing at my cubicle waiting to log in and get the day started when Crystal came over to my cubicle. I turned around and she said hello. I said hi and asked her if she needed anything. She said, “I bought you something.” I looked at her with a puzzled look and said “Well, thank you, but why would you buy me anything.” I had never spoke to this young lady before. She said, “Every day I stand up and look across the room and see your lighthouses. I was out shopping with my mom over the weekend and saw this and thought you would like it.” In her hand she had a small globe with a lighthouse and ship in it. I gave her a hug and thanked her. I don’t think she knows how much that small act of kindness changed my day.
I kept the small globe on my desk for a few days. Now it sits on my television in my apartment. I hope for anyone that reads this you remember, no matter what the gesture is you could change someone’s day.


An expert in time management was speaking to a group of business students and, to drive home a point, used an illustration those students will never forget. As he stood in front of the group of high-powered overachievers he said, “Okay, time for a quiz” and he pulled out a one-gallon, mason jar and set it on the table in front of him. He also produced about a dozen fist-sized rocks and carefully placed them, one at a time, into the jar.
Get the Hottest Ringtone in 30 secs! When the jar was filled to the top and no more rocks would fit inside, he asked, “Is this jar full?”
Everyone in the class yelled, “Yes.”
The time management expert replied, “Really?”
He reached under the table and pulled out a bucket of gravel. He dumped some gravel in and shook the jar causing pieces of gravel to work themselves down into the spaces between the big rocks. He then asked the group once more, “Is the jar full?”
By this time the class was on to him. “Probably not,” one of them answered.
“Good!” he replied. He reached under the table and brought out a bucket of sand. He started dumping the sand in the jar and it went into all of the spaces left between the rocks and the gravel. Once more he asked the question, “Is this jar full?”
“No!” the class shouted. Once again he said, “Good.” Then he grabbed a pitcher of water and began to pour it in until the jar was filled to the brim. Then he looked at the class and asked, “What is the point of this illustration?”
One eager beaver raised his hand and said, “The point is, no matter how full your schedule is, if you try really hard you can always fit some more things in it!”
“No,” the speaker replied, that’s not the point. The truth this illustration teaches us is: If you don’t put the big rocks in first, you’ll never get them in at all.
What are the ‘big rocks’ in your life — time with your loved ones, your faith, your education, your dreams, a worthy cause, teaching or mentoring others? Remember to put these BIG ROCKS in first or you’ll never get them in at all.” So, tonight,
or in the morning, when you are reflecting on this short story, ask yourself this question: What are the ‘big rocks’ in my life? Then, put those in your jar first.

7 Helpful Tips To Immediately Increase Your Confidence

1.) Ask yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen?” Too often, we place
excess importance on potential problems. We all have a certain amount of
energy so let’s apply it to creating extraordinary relationships, advancing
our careers and meeting our goals INSTEAD of wasting that energy worrying.
Take action on what you have control over and minimize risks for what you
don’t. Then invest your energy wisely.
Get the Hottest Ringtone in 30 secs! 2.) In doing something for the first time, imagine that you have already
done it in the past. Close your eyes, then vividly imagine you succeeding
wildly at what you are really going to do for the first time. The mind does
NOT know the difference between something VIVIDLY imagined and something
real. Make it vivid by involving all 5 senses.
3.) Find someone who is already confident in that area and copy them.
Model as many of their behaviors, attitudes, values, and beliefs for the
context you want to be confident in as you can. How can you do this? Talk
with them if you have access to them. If you don’t have access to them, get
as much exposure to them as you can. This could be talking to people who
know the person and/or buying their products if they have some.
4.) Use the “as-if” frame. I literally love this frame of mind. If you
were confident, how would you be acting? How would you be moving? How
would you be speaking? What would you be thinking? What would you tell
yourself inside? By asking yourself these questions, you are literally
forced to answer them by going into a confident state. You will then be
acting “as-if” you are confident. Now just forget you are acting long
enough and pretty soon you’ll develop it into a habit.
5.) Go into the future and ask if what you’re faced with is such a big
deal. This might be a bit morbid and yet this works tremendously well.
Imagine yourself on your deathbed looking back over your life. You are
surrounded by your friends and family. You’re reviewing your life. Is what
you’re faced with now even going to pop up? That’s highly unlikely.
Keeping things in proper perspective really diminishes fear.
6.) Remember that you lose out on 100% of the opportunities that you never
go for. To get what you want, ask for it. I fully believe that if I ask
enough people for whatever I want, I can get it. This is not necessarily
true and yet it’s a useful belief. As you think about your goals and what
you are striving for, how effective would it be for you to believe that all
the people out there want to help you if you only ask? Whether that is true
or not in the “real world” does not matter. If you find that belief
empowering, I invite you to adopt it as your own.
7.) Disarm the nagging, negative internal voice. That negative internal
voice can keep anyone stopped. To disarm the internal voice, imagine a
volume control and lower the volume. Or how about changing the internal
voice to Mickey Mouse? Do you think you could take Mickey Mouse seriously
if he were criticizing you? Change the voice to a clown voice. The point
is to disarm the voice by altering the way it nags at you. If I hear my own
voice nagging me, it stops me. If I hear a clown voice, I laugh and
continue onward.

This article is based on the book, “Unstoppable Confidence” by Kent Sayre.
To find out why Brian Tracy said, “This wonderful book will give you the
boost toward success that can make all the difference!”

Long hair tips in urdu

Home made long hair tips in Urdu.How to get long and health hair, most of women love long hair,information about how to get long healthy hair
Get the Latest Sound Effects on Your Mobile! Most female are conscious about their hair, and always trying to find something best for hair. Market products shampoo and conditioner are not reliable that’s why people often try to find some homemade product and rely on home remedies. Since these remedies are cheap and without major side effects, you try them out and then select the remedy which is most effective.
Proteins constitute the major part of in the composition of hair. Therefore, the first thing that you should do is increase your consumption of proteins. On the other hand, vitamins are very important for maintenance of the health of hair. Therefore, increasing their intake as well is important. For this, you can consume the green leafy as well as yellow colored vegetables and fruits. Different oils and lotions that provide nutrients to hair are available commercially for your use.
On an average hair on the head grows at the rate of approximately 0.5 mm daily. This rate of growth also depends on genetic factors, diet, lifestyle and age of the person. While it may not be possible to have long hair overnight, you can use home remedies to make your hair grow faster. Some of the home remedies are:

  1. Hair is made up of protein, so eat foods which contain plenty of protein like fish, eggs, liver, milk products, yeast, wheat germ, sprouts, beans, nuts and yoghurt. Soy protein which is found in tofu also helps.
  2. Mustard oil is very useful for hair growth and is used extensively to condition and maintain healthy hair, and to actually grow thick hair.
  3. Hot oil massages improve the circulation of blood in the scalp and make your hair grow faster. Coconut oil should be applied to the hair for at least an hour so that it is absorbed properly and then washed off.
  4. A mixture of an equal quantity of fresh amla juice and lime juice, used as a shampoo also stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss.
  5. Drink plenty of water and sleep for 8 - 9 hours a day, since hair grows when a person is resting. Exercising daily will also improve the blood circulation and help your hair grow quickly.
Long hair tips in Urdu:

Mask for oily skin in Urdu

Mask for oily skin in Urdu:
If your skin is oily, here is best mask for oily skin. You know ,there are many products available in the market for oily skin, however nothing is as good as homemade products. Homemade mask is cheap, effective and fast to prepare.
Der coolste Klinglton auf Deinem handy! Ingredients:
Half cucumber pith
Fruit powder
Multani matti
Curd/ Yogurt
Take appropriate amount of all ingredients and mix them properly.
Now apply this mask to your face properly.
Leave it for 30 minutes and then wash with clean water.
After that use cleanser, its best for oily skin.

Groom Accessories

Wedding Turban:پگڑی
Turban is found is very colourful and stylish design and varieties. Turban is is considered vrey important wedding accessory for groom, so the turban is selected very carefully, matching with the wedding suits. It suits well with Punjabi traditional dress. wedding turban.
These turbans are made with different materials  such as Zari, pearls, beads etc. Its embroidery look  really very amazing with dabka, and Peals and beads make a charming effects.

Der coolste Klinglton auf Deinem handy!

Fashion Bracelets trends summer 2011

This summer, plastic bracelets are in fashion. Drawings, models and forms readily available in glass or steel bracelets are easily found in plastic bracelets. Pakistani girls love to decorate their hands with the latest accessories. Or wrist bands, Chooriyan (glass bangles), Kangana and bracelets are all considered part of the style and beauty.
Hand accessories add charm to his personality and now the bracelets are more plastic. Plastic bracelets have different styles and models to suit mood of attire. Choose a variety of plastic bracelets described below and match them with your clothes to dazzle this summer. Round plastic beads Bracelets A variety of plastic bracelets available today in Pakistan. He who loves to decorate their hands with rings and bracelets can go for pearl bracelets plastic. They look great and beautify your hands too.
Der coolste Klinglton auf Deinem handy! Bracelets plastic beads are not real, but have an impression carved with silver gloss that makes them dazzling in the dark. Round plastic bracelets and beads paired with traditional outfits compliment much. Disfigured Jolie Plastic Bangles While traditional bracelets round, but disfigured plastic bracelets look pretty and chic.
In addition to the circular, the following square, triangular, oval, and many others that are deformed hip. These bracelets make a stylish look, if worn long jeans, high heels and shirts of street fashion. Plastic Bangles kaleidoscopic The combination and mixture of colors difficult to obtain in the glass bangles (chooriyan) can be easily found in plastic bracelets. White is mixed with kaleidoscopic colors to match any outfit and all other colors are mixed well. Coiled Plastic Bangles Another set of plastic bracelets creative is curled. Wrapped in plastic bracelets bracelets many are linked to a nice set of bracelets that also have range of colors. Plastic Hook Bracelets Plastic hook bracelets are more creative and entertaining. You can take plastic strap of your choice or any clear cut and can then hook around it. Go with these beautiful and charming plastic bracelets and dazzle with youth.

Dry hand treatment urdu

In our daily routine we use our hands, so hands need more attention. While washing clothes different chemical harm our hands. All chemicals dry out our hands and nails. Some tips for your hands are as under:
  • Mix equal amount of  rose water and glycerine, and massage your hands with this mixture. This mixture  is very  effective to make your hand soft.
  • Mix two spoons honey with keno juice, and apply this mixture on hands, to make your hands soft.
  • Take some water in tub and mix some drops of olive oil, and mix it well.
Der coolste Klinglton auf Deinem handy!

Cosmetic and jewellery effect Urdu

Cheap Cosmetics and artificial jewelry may cause create problems for sensitive skin,  so be aware of cheap and expired cosmetics. Most of women don't care about the quality of cosmetics, because they don't know their side effects. Der coolste Klinglton auf Deinem handy!
Always ask for good company products, and must read its expiry date, because expired cosmetics are the big risk for skin, especially when you buy skin whitening products, skin aging and make up products.

Nail biting habit urdu

Der coolste Klinglton auf Deinem handy! Nail biting is a habit, and stopping nail biting can be extremely difficult. Picked up by children, nail biting can continue through adulthood.
People have a lot of nervous habits out there, but nail biting is the most common. Some people do have a difficult time with growing their nails as well as maintaining long nails. This could be due to a number of reasons such as inadequate personal attention, poor eating habits as well as an ill health. Although there is no medication for fingernail biting, nail biting is a tough habit to break, and it can also be a never ending cycle.Nail biting refers to lack of confidence, in psychology. Now you know why you bit of your nails when you went for your first interview. It's important to note that there are a few different tricks that you can use that can help you break this habit.
  • One of the most common, and most useful, ways that try to involves your child in some other activities.
  • A lot of people tend to fidget and bite on their nails when they are anxious or when something is bothering them.  Use stress management techniques, if the reason of your nail-biting habit is stress .Getting yourself to calm a bit may be a good way to get past the nail biting habit.
  • Another solution for nail biting is to wear gloves. These gloves keep you from biting on your finger nails without meaning to.
  • Apply omega 3 cream to your fingers and nails.
  • Artificial nails are supposedly one of the treatments or remedy for getting rid of nail biting.
  • Creams and polishes for your nails that will result in a bitter taste and act as an effective deterrent.

Nail biting habit Urdu:

Oxygen Face Cream

Attractive skin is the mirror image of a health-conscious lifestyle and a positive mental attitude.

The stressed and tired skin lacking oxygen! Have A look in the mirror ever wondered why the years of life, especially in the dig face? With age the skin loses its ability to absorb oxygen, the elixir of life.

Decreasing energy intake is to recognize the status of the skin most likely: pale and wrinkled, too fat or too dry, sensitive and vulnerable. Now the beauty is a sensation succeeded. oxygen cream is responsible for the comprehensive and sophisticated skin care is a breakthrough innovation! This delivers oxygen to every single skin cell vitality, which she desperately needs for its vitality and health. Der coolste Klinglton auf Deinem handy!

Secrets to lose Weight Naturally

Weight loss can come from loss of fluids, muscle or fat. Most of us want to lose those unwanted pounds, but sometimes are surprised to find our efforts only make things worse. We all struggle with the question of how to lose weight, but it could often lose the wrong kind of weight, if we are not careful. Changing our eating habits, our body improperly muscle mass, lose vital body fluids and even lead causing a disease.

Der coolste Klinglton auf Deinem handy! The secret is to lose weight to be really easy if approached correctly. With a few changes per day, you can help yourself to lose a few pounds of course. By using the following secrets and by teaching yourself how your body reacts to certain foods and circumstances can you successfully rid yourself of the unwanted body fat you have hidden away in the wrong places!

The secret to losing weight without dieting is simple. Now find out,  how to lose weight by organizing your daily routine :
You must first have a true desire to do so.
  • Create a daily log, document everything you eat, drink or snack to 7 days without any changes to your normal routine.
  • Note the types of food choices you make, the size and frequency of meals. Foods like bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, and are rich in carbohydrates and can quickly turn into unwanted pounds.
  • Note your sleep patterns after eating certain foods.
  • Assessed after 7 days, drink what you eat, and above all your activity.
  • You can now develop natural changes and better decisions about your daily routine and long-lasting progress in reducing the amount of fat the body and stored.
  • Simple changes are the best, slowly and steadily alternate choices will bring about the kind of results you want.
After a month of self-evaluation and make small changes to your routine, you see positive results and increase your motivation to continue.

Remember, losing weight the healthy way by avoiding unreasonable expectations or quick weight loss diets. The use of natural nutritional supplements may also help that your new program more successful. Through the use of natural substances such as the Acai Berry or Maqui Berry in your weight loss program, you can compare your results in increasing your fitness and achieve a healthier version of the person you now see in the mirror.

How to gain weight?

Some people want to gain weight, especially thin people try their best to gain required weight. Der coolste Klinglton auf Deinem handy!
People, who have hard work like athletes, do not have enough energy-producing nutrients (carbohydrates) in order to maintain their weight.

The body burns carbohydrates and this gives you energy. If you take too little of it, you will stay thin and weak. Your body then burns out of pure  muscle mass and fat reserves last resort.

Fast Food helps with quality natural carbohydrates. With enough carbohydrates, your body weight increased in the same proportion of fat and muscle mass is spared.

Fast food does not replace meals and satisfies no hunger, but is a simple, caloric snack that still inspires to your appetite.

If you eat frequently enough, it also decreases your appetite.

Fast food contains two natural extracts that stimulate your appetite slowly. To get more pleasure in normal daily food.

This product also contains high-quality weight gain of whey proteins with high bioavailability. Exercising shall adopt your body after enough proteins, causing the muscles to recover faster.

Anyone (even non-athletes) can use to regenerate high quality  fast food, because it affects weight gain and helps to increase in a healthy way.

Weight gain tips in Urdu